2 thoughts on “2012 jeep patriot Owner’s Manual”

  1. To whom this may concern I am sending this message because I am an owner of a 2012 Jeep Patriot 2.4 l engine my car alternator went out because I was using my AC and I have never used it before this car park cost me $305 and now from all of this my hoses to my radiator has gone out as well I’m making this complaint because my alternator should have not broken down when I have never used it I have had problems with my car in the past had my warranty and it never covered my problem that I had I hope this message will go to the manufacturer of Jeep Patriots my car has 115000 miles from when I purchased it I love my Jeep I take care of it very well hopefully I can get my money reimbursed from your Jeep Patriot manufactured thank you for your time I hope to hear back

  2. My jeep Patriot is a good vehicle on flat ground and on little hills when it is in 2 wheel drive but if u take it off road and put it n 4 wheel drive and try to go up a hill that’s more then 30 degree angle it peg’s out at 2500 rpm’s and won’t go anywhere u can have the gas to the floor and the jeep won’t move it’s not what I expected from a jeep at all I don’t know what the problem is but I’ve took it multiple places to have it checked out and no one can find a problem with it so I don’t know what the problem is with it but hopefully u can get it fixed

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